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Stress-Free Moving Services: Top Moving Factors to Consider

Stress-Free Moving Services: Top Moving Factors to Consider

December 29, 2023 By Tophelpers Team

Moving home can be a demanding process and one that we will have to face a few times in our lives, so we may make mistakes that we may regret later on, but if you consider these factors before moving, the whole process will go more smoothly and cost you less money. If you do not want your moving process to be difficult and stressful, we will tell you the top factors to consider when to get stress free moving services

Factor #1: Planning

Organization and planning are essential to a move. One of the frequent errors is thinking you have endless time and that if you get sidetracked, work will build up, and you will need more time to pack, prepare, organize, etc. Whether you want to move on your own or hire a moving company, you must start packing the items you use less regularly two months before the move and select what to keep and what not to keep. Pack the items or belongings you use most often first, and save the essentials, such as the clothes you are currently wearing or personal hygiene items – for last, as the moving date approaches.

Factor #2: Moving Services

Although at first, it may seem that moving alone will be considerably less expensive, cheap can often be costly. If the move is going to be local and small-scale, you have experience in this type of relocation and a large group of friends willing to help; perhaps moving without professional help is a feasible option. But consider that you won’t have insurance and accidents can happen.

However, if you do not meet these requirements, you should ask yourself some questions before deciding to do everything yourself.

  • Do you have adequate support?
  • Have you ever driven this type of vehicle?
  • Do you know how much it costs to rent a truck or van?
  • Do you have the necessary tools?
  • Do you know the cost of packing supplies and proper packing techniques?
  • Do the origin and destination apartments have elevators?
  • How will you transport the washing machine or refrigerator?

A moving company will meet your deadlines, saving you the trouble of moving heavy items, and their staff is professional in handling boxes and furniture so that they will not get any damages. In addition, hiring professional movers will simplify your life and reduce the stress of moving.

Factor #3: Meetings with the Moving Company

The easiest method to get a precise quote and prevent future problems with the choice of transportation and vehicles is to schedule a meeting with the moving company. So that they can precisely determine which trucks you need for the move and whether additional tools like cranes or pulleys are necessary, the company’s staff should have first-hand knowledge of the possessions you intend to take with you. It is the best approach to ensure that the move goes smoothly and that everything goes off without a hitch.

Factor #4: Packing Your Belongings

You should know that newspapers are not suitable for packing everything. If you decide to pack your belongings, you can use closet boxes for clothes, cork for electronics, bubble wrap for dishes and other delicate items, and protective covers for beds. Don’t forget to accurately mark boxes with their contents so you can put things in their place and indicate fragile items so you can treat them with special care when unpacking. Finally, we advise you to use high-quality materials.

Factor #5: Boxes

One more error made by beginners is to believe that the relocation will be quicker and easier if there are fewer packages. But occasionally, this is not the case, especially if the goods are so heavy that transporting them is next to impossible. Doing so will only make loading and unloading difficult and, at worst, lead to back injuries. So while storing books, records, documents, albums, or the like, we advise against overfilling boxes. Even with multiple people helping, a cardboard box filled to the brim won’t be able to be transported. It’s also possible that the box’s bottom will shatter if it can’t support the weight. While it may seem natural to assume that fewer boxes equal fewer trips, doing so will only make loading and unloading worse.

Factor #6: Packing the Dishes

Dinnerware is best stored and transported vertically, not horizontally like books. Your initial instinct may be to place them horizontally, one on top of the other, but this is one of the most common mistakes when moving. The ideal way to store dinnerware is to select a small box, line it with cloth or foam padding, and then cover it with newspaper or wrapping paper. If they get damaged or dropped, you will have less risk of breaking them this way. There should always be a “Fragile” label.

Factor #7: Disconnecting the Freezer

If you wait until the last minute, you may suddenly have to chop ice or bail water. To fully clean and transport the freezer, it must be unplugged at least two days before the relocation.

Factor #8: Moving with Pets

Pets can become stressed during a move like any other member of the family. We advise taking your pet on the car with you and providing the necessary equipment to avoid this as much as possible (travel basket in the case of cats or dogs, etc.). If the trip is long, you and your pet should take a walk at each rest stop. Prepare a kit containing food, drink, toys, a dustpan, etc., as well as the necessary measures in case the animal gets dizzy during the trip (ask your veterinarian).

Factor #9: Dresser Drawers and Chests Of Drawers

Lastly, one of the most common mistakes when moving home is not emptying the drawers, shoe racks, auxiliary furniture, etc. This oversight can cause the drawers to open during the move, resulting in the loss of their contents, increasing the weight, and complicating the moving. To make sure the drawers are empty, you should examine your furniture.

TopHelpers is Here for You!

We all make mistakes, and when moving is something that can happen. However, there are many situations when moving where making mistakes can lead to a bigger problem, which is why it is necessary to have these factors in mind and be predictive of everything that can happen.

Aspects of moving such as knowing what to take, where to put our belongings, what to ask, taking into account the people who accompany us in the move, getting organized, and who to ask are indispensable. If you are wondering who to turn to, TopHelpers is the answer, a unique company that will do its best to help you find the most affordable movers willing to do a good service and help you.


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